After Dinner Mint

It’s a common sight at many restaurants – the complimentary peppermint-flavored candy at the cash register. No surprise there because peppermint is traditionally used as a digestive aid. But did you know that it can do the same for your horse?

Skip the Candies and Go Straight for the Oil

While horses are known to indulge in the occasional peppermint candy treat, digestive upset calls for a stronger remedy: therapeutic-grade peppermint oil. “Therapeutic grade” simply means a very pure form of the oil, which is derived from a plant extract. You can find therapeutic-grade peppermint oil, which normally retails for about the same price as a couple bags of feed, online or at your local health-food store. Avoid cheaper aromatic only versions that offer no therapeutic value. I personally like Young Living essential oils.

For best results, apply a dab (moistened fingertip) of peppermint oil on the gums and under the belly of your horse. When applying, allow your horse to sniff the open vial to experience the stomach-soothing aromatic properties. Since essential oils are readily absorbed and act quickly, repeat every few hours. You should expect to a see a difference in about an hour.

This remedy is an aid for mild digestive upset only, and not intended to treat undiagnosed or severe gastrointestinal disorders.

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