Winter Water Worry

Did you know the average equine requires half a gallon to a gallon of water for every 100 pounds of body weight each day to maintain proper hydration? This includes equines of all sizes, regardless of species or breed – from donkeys and mules to miniatures and drafts, the formula remains the same.

However, during cold weather, water consumption naturally declines, predisposing to dehydration colic. Without a doubt, lukewarm water encourages intake during winter months, lowering the risk of constipation and impaction. Water between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

While buckets and tanks with heaters are efficient in almost any situation, ensure they pose no electrical hazard; indoor automatic water sources are another alternative. But, whatever method you choose, make sure you can approximate how much water your companion is drinking every day.

8 thoughts on “Winter Water Worry

  1. I use a tank heater as soon as the weather turns cold and leave it until no more danger of frost ( usually mid April to early May). It also seems to help encourage horses to drink water if they have ample salt and mineral licks available during colder temperatures.

    • Not bad, could use an indoor arena, though; hard to train in 40 mile an hour wind. Got one laying around? LOL. I agree with Vince, good to see you writing again. Keep up the good work.

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